Maintenance Consultancy Service, General Construction Service, Catering Service, and Business Services & more.

General Construction

We offer various forms of construction projects such as design, build, and remodel. Each facet of general construction generally involves a general contractor who will oversee every part of the process.

Ambulance Services

Grupo Caribe provides on site ambulance services for large construction projects, hotel industry and large events. Our team of highly trained emergency workers take pleasure in responding promptly to any emergency.


Our fleet of vehicles are tailored to move goods and personnel.

we make only the best available to you

Business Services

Our Business Services are, Consulting, Logistics, Distribution, Supply, Training, and Events.

Catering Services

Our Catering Services are tailored to meet the needs of local institutions and international companies.

Janitor Services

External janitorial services for homes, hotel & businesses.

Maintenance Consultancy

We provide the best technical team to guide and help with your maintenance.

Clients share their experience

We at TSK highly recommend Grupo Caribe company, during the construction of the new JPS Power Plant at Old Harbour Bay, Jamaica (Renaissance Project CCPP 190MW). Grupo Caribe was supporting the company with efficiency and efficacy in several supplies and services. TSK is grateful for the continues support of Grupo Caribe and especially want to thank Tannya who has been very helpful to us.
Manuel Quintana
TSK Procurement Manager
It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Grupo Caribe. During the past two years, we have worked directly with Grupo Caribe requiring Nursing, House rental, transportation and canteen services, among others. The Company is reliable and provides quality service adapted to customer needs. We can say that we have always been satisfied by their work. I recommend the services of Grupo Caribe and I am looking forward to work with them during the time that TSK continue its projects in Jamaica.’
Marcos Lopez
Site Manager - CCPP 190 MW Renaissance Project
After working with Grupo Caribe for more than two years, our company TSK only have good words for them. I am confident in recommending their services. They offer high-quality services and always gave us a positive answer to our requirements, despite the specific needs and circumstances of our project I would like to highlight the work of Tannya, who gave all of us confidence and transparency. She is keen to meet all the expectations.
Laura Espinosa
TSK Administration Manager
During the development of this project, Grupo Caribe has been very proactive and has helped us a lot with the provision of different services, committed at all times to meet our needs.
Ricardo Gonzales
TSK Warehouse Manager

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Our Company

The Company’s knowledge and scope of work includes, but is not limited to, Maintenance Consultancy Services, Transportation Services, Ambulance Services, Janitor Services, General Construction Services, Catering Services, Procurement Services and Business Services. 

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