Catering Services

Our Catering Service offers high quality management, international chef, that provide healthy and delicious meals for local and international institutions/companies.

General Construction

Our construction department offers Architectural Services, Land & Quantity Surveying Services, General Construction Services that undertake Civil and MPE Constructions, and Complete Construction Project as well as Management Services.

Business Services

Through our Business Services we provide the tools, resources, and strategic framework for our clients. Our Consulting Service helps clients to better navigate pitfalls; our Logistic Service includes transportation, procurement, and housing; our Distribution service facilitates the delivery of textbooks, (see gallery); our training service, conducted by qualified practioners, ensures success in voice and speech and we planned and execute medium size events, that are catered to our client’s specification

Maintenance Consultancy

Our Maintenance Consultancy Service covers a wide range of maintenance solutions including facilities management, pest control services, for commercial and residential properties.


Our fleet of vehicles include trucks, busses and cars; and allow for the timely and safe movement of a variety of goods, as well as transport personnel, to their respective destinations.

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Our Company

The Company’s knowledge and scope of work includes, but is not limited to, Maintenance Consultancy Services, Transportation Services, Ambulance Services, Janitor Services, General Construction Services, Catering Services, Procurement Services and Business Services. 

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